Casting Call

May 28th, 2016
Does your child have what it takes to be in ‪‎film‬ or ‪‎television‬? Auditions are being held for the Official “Role Model” music video featuring Sal Filipelli, JerVae Dionne Anthony, ‪‎District4‬ & Legendary Music Icon, Sly Stone.
Meet us at the Queen Bee in ‪North Park‬ from 10am-1pm. Please review the flyer, lyrics and music. Be sure to come prepared for the part you or your child is auditioning for.

“Role Model” is available to listen and prepare your audition here:

Please help us spread the word and we hope to see you there!

role model flier


Role Model Lyrics:

I told you I’d come back to the city
but thats not whats important to me
I only come every once in a while
whenever I need a reason to smile
cuz now I see, you’ve gone wild.
I’m the Real Model, not the Role Model 3x

Abstract thoughts with the vision of Picasso
played my role but not a model you ain’t even touched the throttle
The only company that I ever kept was just my shadow
and this passion runs deep why you swimming in the shallow
you told me stick around but I’m just searching for a reason now
hate to be misleading but i’m sorry i’ll be leaving now.

Sly Stone
I’m the Real Model, not the Role Model
I’m the one in the desert with the coke bottle
I’m the Real Model, not the Role Model
got a dog named duck with a stroll waddle.

(repeat verse)